Published Articles

  • Esposito, 2023. C. The Geography of Breakthrough Invention in the United States over the 20th Century. Research Policy 52(7). [PDF}
  • Esposito, C. 2022. Cycles of Regional Innovative Growth. Journal of Economic Geography 23(1). [PDF]
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  • Meyer, W, Esposito, C. 2014. Residential Patterns in the Pre-Automobile American City. Geographical Review 104 (3). [Article]

Under Review

  • Esposito, C., and van der Wouden, F. Knowledge Obsolescence and The Rise of Team-Based Invention in the United States between 1836 and 2014. Under review. (Title blinded for anonymous peer review).
  • Wu, R., Esposito, C., and Evans, J. Will China Soon Lead Global Science? (Co-Lead Author)

In Preparation

  • Lockhardt, J., Chen, Z., Esposito, C., Shi, F., and Evans, J. China Rises to Global Leadership in Emerging Science and Technology.
  • Esposito, C. Disambiguating Individual Contributions to Team Knowledge Production (with Robert Ward and James Evans).
  • Esposito, C., and Evans, J. An Ecological Model of Disruptive Innovation. 
  • Esposito, C., and Sorenson, O. Do Labor Contributions Explain the Increased Productivity of Scientist after Patenting?